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Book Signing with Fellow Children’s Book Authors
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009
Time: 1 to 3 p.m.
Location: Barnes & Noble NorthPark Mall
Davenport, Iowa
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Speaker on a Panel, “Nonfiction Book Blast: Booktalks for Reluctant Readers”
Date: Sunday, July 12, 2009
Time: 10:30 to 12 Noon
Location: ALA 2009 Annual Conference
Chicago, Illinois
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About 280 B.C. The world’s first lighthouse, Pharos, completed
About A.D. 50 Romans complete harbor at Ostia, including lighthouse
869 Lighted pagoda helps mark entrance to harbor in Shanghai, China
1157 Italians build lighthouse at Meloria
1669 Reflectors used in Swedish lighthouse
1698 First tower at Eddystone in England lighted
1699 Eddystone tower rebuilt and improved
1708 Third lighthouse at Eddystone lighted
1716 Lighthouse in Boston Harbor lighted
1719 First fog signal in colonial America used at Boston Harbor
1731 World’s first lightship put in service in England
1759 Smeaton’s Eddystone tower lighted
1769 First twin lights in United States established at Plymouth, Massachusetts
1781 First flashing light in a lighthouse installed in Sweden
Aimé Argand develops new type of oil lamp about this time
1788 First range lights in United States built at Plum Island, Massachusetts
1789 Ninth Act of Congress puts federal government in charge of lighthouses
1792 Lighthouse at Cape Henry, Virginia, begins operating
1798 Highland Light (Massachusetts) is first flashing light in United States
1812 Winslow Lewis sells U.S. government patent for oil lamps
1818 First lighthouse on Great Lakes completed at Buffalo, New York
1820 First use of fog bell in United States
Stephen Pleasonton takes charge of U.S. lighthouses
First lightship in United States in service on Chesapeake Bay
1822 Augustin Fresnel invents Fresnel lens
1841 First Fresnel lens installed in United States at Navesink, New Jersey
1848 First screw pile lighthouse in United States built in Delaware Bay
1851 First Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse in Massachusetts collapses
Congress appoints commission to study state of lighthouses
1852 Stephen Pleasonton loses job; Lighthouse Board takes over
1854 First lighthouse on West Coast starts operatingon Alcatraz Island (California)
1855 Construction begins on second lighthouse at Minot’s Ledge
1869 First steam-powered fog signals used in United States
1877 U.S. lighthouses begin to use kerosene
1882 Smeaton’s Eddystone tower replaced
1887 First pneumatic caisson lighthouse in United States built
1907 Gustaf Dalén invents sun valve
1910 Lighthouse Board dissolved; U.S. Bureau of Lighthouses (known as the Lighthouse Service) formed
1939 U.S. Lighthouse Service merges with Coast Guard
1968 Coast Guard starts Lighthouse Automation and Modernization Program (LAMP)
1983 Last U.S. lightship removed from service
2000 National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act passed
2005 Hurricane Katrina destroys three lighthouses; damages others